Stickable. Screwable. Changeable. Arrangeable.™

Your photos tiled, mounted on wood, laminated and edged in a variety of edge colors!

Standard sizes in 6-inch, 8-inch, 12-inch Tiles!

Installation Instructions and Tips

Information on How to Order here.

with StraightMount™ Strips

All orders ship with our exclusive MasterPieces™ StraightMount™ Strips allowing for you to position your layouts on your wall(s) for full visual review before proceeding with the actual mounting of your product.

You can either use the drywall screws or two-sided foam tape squares that are shipped with your order for mounting to a variety of substrates. 

As we manufacture our products with ultralight wood foundations, our tiles are easily mounted using your choice of non-permanent, non-harmful solutions you may wish to use as an alternative.

As well, when using the supplied 1/2" #8 drywall screws your tiles can be adjusted horizontally up to 2" either direction and will hold the MasterPieces™ tiles secure and flat to the wall ensuring perfection with every installation.

with StraightMount™ Strip Sample

MasterPieces™ Alpha Layouts